Our Customers Love Clean Garbage Cans

Real testimonials from homeowners just like you, who love the clean, fresh smell of our services.

I found Fresh Bins and now my container is cleaned monthly and never smells and doesn’t have the funky buildup that can come at the bottom of the container. Ron and team do an excellent job and always leave a fresh bin after they clean it. Takes just a few minutes, you don’t have to be home for them to perform the service. Convenient and most of all SANITARY!

LaDonna Hale
I am so glad I found this company. My bin smelled so bad I hated to open the lid to put trash in. Now it’s clean and smells so good � Great job.

JoAnn Jeffcoat Henning
Awesome great service! Where have you bin all my life! Seriously. Love the clean bins, wasn't sure they were actually mine when they were done! Thank you!

Shawn Craig Sorenson
They called to let me know they were coming, then cleaned without bothering me, and when I checked my bins.... SPOTLESS! They got rid of the nasty smells and the grass/trash that always stuck to the bottom.

Jordan Shippy
If I didn't know any better I would say he swapped out my old can for a new one that's how good it looks! I didn't think there was hope for our stinky trash can and it looks brand new and smells like flowers! 100% recommend this service!

Sierra Spivey